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· Lawns: New lawns whether seed or sod requires large amounts of water. Watering at least 3” per week will help new seeds to germinate and sod roots to establish. Watering at least a half inch per day will guarantee a healthy new lawn. Placing a measuring cup in the path of your watering device will help you determine time wise how long it takes to reach ½ inch.

· Trees: When watering trees the water must soak deep into the ground to reach the newly cut roots inside the root ball. To accomplish this, water each tree by placing a garden hose on the ground 1’ from the trunk. Turn water on to a steady trickle for approximately 15 minutes. Doing this once a week is sufficient watering for new trees.

· Shrubs: Shrubs need a deep soaking approximately every 3-4 days. 5 minutes per shrub at a steady stream. Watch for leaves; if they appear wilted and ground is dry, they need water.

· Annuals: Annuals are plants that are not hardy year round in our planting zone. They require special care depending on weather. Water thoroughly for the first 2 weeks. Let the soil tell you if they need more; soil should be moist 2 inches down. If leaves turn yellow and limp; too much water!